Monday, 18 June 2012

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) - 250ml & 500ml

The Natural Goodness
Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is a natural oil produced from fresh coconut without the use of chemical or heat treatment resulting in a clear, water-color oil that contains phytonutrients that could be beneficial to health. Like other oils, the Virgin Coconut Oil is made up of fatty acids, where the dominant group is called the Medium Chain Fatty Acids or MCFAs. Due to their uniqueness, MCFAs consisting mainly of Capric, Caprilic & Lauric fatty acids are digested differently and especially the Lauric acid, is known to have natural potent antimicrobial properties.
The use of Virgin Coconut Oil therefore could help shore up the body's immune system by eradicating harmful microbes when consumed normally usually as food or when applied on topically on skin.
The digestion of the Virgin Coconut Oil is unique and different from most other vegetable oils. Instead of being broken, repackaged and circulated in the body as fats, Virgin Coconut Oil does not get repackaged but is sent to the liver (in free fatty acid & mono-esters forms that are highly potent in antimicrobial properties) for energy production. This uniqueness could impart a host of benefits to the user through:
  • Cleansing of the vital organs especially the liver & kidneys.
  • Increasing metabolic rate which will result in more calories requirement, promoting weight loss.
  • Providing alternative fast energysource to carbohydrates but without raising insulin - important for diabetics wishing to control bloodsugar levels.
  • Reduce blood lipids especially if used in place of other types of oils and fats.

The Virgin Coconut Oil is also wholly beneficial as a beauty product due to its small molecules providing easy penetration into the skin when used as a massage oil. This enhances absorption and with its natural curative properties, help keep the skin or scalp healthy and moist at all times. The long and lustrous tresses of the South Asian women are longstanding testament of its efficacy as naturally effective hair product.
The elderly especially, could derived the full spectrum of the Virgin Coconut Oil's wonderful benefits.

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