Friday, 15 June 2012

Specialty Niqab - No-Pinch Two Piece

No-Pinch Two Piece Tie Back Niqab (Black) 

Our exclusive No-Pinch Two Piece Tie Back Niqab features an eye-opening that is designed 3/4" high with V-shaped corners for style. This design keeps the fabric away from the eyes and prevents the bottom piece from riding up and pinching the eyes. The result is a super-comfortable niqab that will not need to be pulled down to give the eyes more room. It will also work very well for sisters that wear glasses and have trouble getting them in and out of a thin slit.

Like our regular two piece niqabs, the niqab is made of super soft, high quality chiffon that is comfortable and breathable. It ties around the back of the head and has two layers: a bottom layer which covers the face and a top layer which can be flipped back over the head or left down to cover the eyes.


  1. still available?? can i make an order??

    1. As Salaamu 3alaaykoum sis
      You can go on their website Inshaa Allaah

      Browse through Inshaa Allaah, I hope this helps and I hope Inshaa Allaah you find the Niqaab you are looking for