Monday, 3 September 2012

Simplicity Umbrella Abaya

Our Simplicity Umbrella Abaya is designed with a beautiful, wide princess cut for a flowing look. The abaya features a pleated neck with a diagonal zipper from the shoulder to the underarm to accomodate nursing mothers. It includes stretchy cuffs to fit closely around the wrist and prevent the sleeve from raising up and exposing the arm. We've also included zippered side pockets for added convenience and functionality.

The abaya is made of quality Bahraini Internet crepe which is medium weight and suitable for all seasons. The fabric has a smooth and slightly silky feel to it, allowing it to drape beautifully.

Simplicity Umbrella Abaya - Sapphire Collection

Abaya Details
ClosureCompletely closed
Neck StylePleated neck with a diagonal zipper from the shoulder to underarm
Sleeve StyleRegular tapered sleeve with a stretchy cuff
AccentsPleated neck with diagonal zipper from shoulder to underarm; Stretchy cuffs; Zippered side pockets
Fabric TypeBahraini Internet Crepe
Fabric ColourJet Black
Fabric TextureSmooth high-quality crepe with a slightly silky texture
Fabric WeightLight to Medium weight
Recommended ForEveryday wear, Special Occasions
Sizes52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66
Hijab IncludedNo

Sizing Chart (Simplicity Umbrella Abaya)

Sleeve Length (including cuff)30"30.5"31"31.5"32"33"34"

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