Saturday, 28 July 2012

Black Onyx Bisht Abaya - Sapphire Collection

Black Onyx Bisht Abaya

Black Onyx Bisht Abaya - Sleeve

Black Onyx Bisht Abaya - Neck Embroidery

Our Black Onyx Bisht Abaya is a simply beautiful abaya from our premium Sapphire Collection. The abaya is designed with 2" wide cuffs and bisht style sleeves for a modest and generous fit. Rich black embroidery over satin edging lines the neck opening and cuffs and is accented with black crystals. 

The abaya is made with high quality Maliki crepe which is wrinkle-resistant and has a medium weight, making it drape beautifully. With a 12" zipper opening at the neck, the abaya also easily accomodates nursing mothers.

Please Note: The matching shayla for this abaya is sold separately.

Abaya Details
ClosureCompletely closed with 12" zipper opening at the neck of the garment
Neck StyleV-neck with 12" zipper opening
Sleeve StyleBisht style sleeve - 2" wide cuffs with no defined sleeve shape
AccentsRich black geometric embroidery over satin around the neck opening and sleeves; Embroidery accented with black crystals
Fabric TypeMaliki Crepe
Fabric ColourJet Black
Fabric TextureHigh quality crepe with slight ridges in the fabric grain
Fabric WeightMedium weight
Recommended ForEveryday Wear, Special Occasions
Sizes52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64
Shayla IncludedSold Separately

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